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This is a joint venture program with UNDP.

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Employment creation for the landless and marginal farmers, increasing their standard of living, creation of social and ethical values, eradication of illiteracy, providing creation of health and family planning services etc are the objectives of this program.

The Bank has 17 posts of General Managers. The credit is collateral free but Group guarantee for each other is needed. Besides financing in the agricultural sector, BKB like other commercial banks provides credit facilities for export and import. The loan is realized within one year in weekly installments.

This is also a collateral free credit.

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Prospective new agriculture sector Production of Pulse, Oil seeds and Spices: Livestock plays a vital role in an agro based economy like Bangladesh.

Disbursement of loans to the beneficiaries is made duly recommended by Swanirvar staffs. BKB provides credit from joint fund and maintains account. BKB gives highest priority to crop loan disbursement considering labor intensity of the crop sector and its contribution to national economy.

This is a joint venture program with UNDP. Loan Portfolio Analysis Regional loan disbursement of BKB The government aims for balanced regional development; keeping this aim the regional development is more sustainable. Maximum loan amount is TK.

The bank had increased crop loan up to the end ofwhich indicates a growth rate of 1. Though the BKB development in the past few years is highly witnessed, during the last five years, BKB witnessed sharp increase in crop loan.

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The beneficiaries under this program are small farmers having maximum 0. Accomplishment of BKB Bangladesh Krishi Bank has been providing credits to small businesses and farming entities and supporting the rural development for decades.

Now it is running on revolving fund. Growth of socio economic activities loan Table: UNDP organizes the beneficiaries, trains them and recommends the loan. The bank enforces its highest priority on crop production. Under this program one village of a branch area is selected.

Main sector of loan disbursement Crop Loan: In this section I tried to analyze the effectiveness of BKB in sector wise and regional agricultural financing. Importance was given to disbursement of credit to the entrepreneurs as per their need by exploring potentialities under Area Approach.

The Bank has a Board of Directors comprising of 11 members. An officer or field worker of the branch is engaged in supervising the credit under the direct control of the branch manager. The Directors represent both public and private sectors and are appointed by the Government.

The Board is headed by the Chairman.

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Under this program a person can get a loan amounting upto Tk. With the demand of maize for the increasing poultry industry and also due to its popularity as human food the gap between its demand and local supply is widening day by day.

Major segments of the sector that could be eligible for loans are: From the above table: Now farmers need mechanized tools and equipments to promote rapid growth of agricultural products.

It is seen that from the above table: Bank provides credit from its own source after formation members group. Fishery is a large potential sector for economic development and employment generation in Bangladesh. The orchid projects financed by BKB have recently started exporting orchid abroad.Here we discuss function and loan portfolio of Bangladesh Krishi Bank (BKB) Functions of Bangladesh Krishi Bank.

Bangladesh Krishi Bank is the premier agricultural credit institution of Bangladesh engaged in the development of agriculture, cottage industries. 2 Agriculture Financing of BKB: Progress, Challenges and Ethical Issues Abstract Agricultural finance is crucial to support the growth of the agricultural sector.

About Bangladesh Krishi Bank. KRISHI means Agriculture.

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Bangladesh Krishi Bank (BKB) is a % Government owned specialized bank in Bangladesh. Since its inception, BKB is financing in agricultural sector remarkably.

Disbursement of farm machineries loan. hineries sector of BKB was increased in from But it was decreased in and After that it was increased in Growth of farm machineries loan. Table: 2 shows the growth of loan allocation for farm machineries sector. SME Financing Loan Bangladesh Krishi Bank has recently introduced the SME policy strategies and financing norms in accordance with the industrial policy and Bangladesh Bank’s Prudential Regulation to assist in the achievement of Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) set by the government.

BKB started SME financing since October, Krishi Bank Officer Written Result has been found on my website. Bangladesh Krishi Bank (BKB) is a % government possessed specialized Bank in Bangladesh.

KRISHI means Agriculture.

Bkb agriculture loan bd
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